Jul 13, 2023

Not sure What your Client ID Is?

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Hey, are you stuck in the client Id/transaction Id or phone number confusion as well?

Then this post is certainly for you. Your Fido ID/ Client ID  is a 9-digit number assigned to every Fido customer after applying for your first Fido credit.

Yup, It’s your unique identity with us and it’s permanently linked to your Fido Account. You can find it on the profile page of the Fido App when you are logged in.

You need to always note that this is not your phone number or Ghana Card number. Your Fido ID will be used to identify you as a Fido customer

Your client ID number is very important and will come in handy when you:

  1.  Contact Fido customer support for assistance on any issue.
  2. When you are making a payment to your Fido Account.
It’s advisable to always have your client ID ready when you reach out for assistance, you can’t transfer this ID to anyone else.