Jul 13, 2023
Fido News

Fido Launches on iOS

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The wait is over, iPhone fans – the Fido App  is now available on iOS! 

Exciting right? Now you too can take control of your finances with Fido. Our app is easy, quick, accessible 24/7, no guarantor and collateral. With Fido, you can easily apply for a credit and get approved within minutes. No more filling out endless forms or waiting in long lines – we're here to make borrowing simple and hassle-free.

As a new Fido customer, you have the control over how much credit you get from Fido. Your initial credit amount could range from GHC50-200, as you work your way up the ladder by repaying your credit on time and taking other actions you will be eligible to unlock higher credit amounts up to 3,500 and in better terms. 

But that's not all – Fido is also designed to help you stay on top of your finances beyond just credit. With features like Fido Score, you can take actions like uploading your documents and other actions to help improve your Fido Score in order to unlock better offerings with Fido. This feature is a work in progress and will be  coming really soon. 

And the best part? Fido is free to download and use! We believe that everyone deserves access to fair and transparent lending, which is why we never charge hidden fees.
With Fido, you can fetch the credit you need without worrying about collaterals and delays. 

So what are you waiting for? Download Fido from the App Store today