Jul 13, 2023
Fido News

Fido has Transformed, we are now PINK

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A new, fresher, and more exciting version of us has been born.

For years we’ve been laser focused on building a technology platform that will make financial services accessible to everyone, easily. We’ve replaced time consuming bank visits with a mobile app, credit application paperwork with a digital survey and long queues with instant credit  disbursements. All this time we were focused, some might say obsessed, with one thing: creating a product that is accessible, simple, and instant.  

Back then we were a very small team, and we could have only dreamed about having professional designers to help us craft our visual identity. But that didn’t matter. We were on a mission to make opportunities accessible to all and nothing, even not having a marketing team, would have stopped us. So our Head of Operations, Sebastien, did what he does best – got things done. He came up with the logo and black/yellow palette, and we’ve kept them until this day (we also kept Sebastien, thankfully ☺). 

But we’ve grown much since then: served more than 450 thousand customers and disbursed more than 2M million credit.

Our app has evolved, and our brand is moving in step. Our beveled black and yellow are making room to a vibrant color palette, one that is bold, fresh and, well, PINK (it’s actually Cherry). We’ve created a new logo, typeface and imagery.

Amidst these changes, our mission is constant.
We help individuals and entrepreneurs capture opportunities. Whether it is starting your first business, laying bricks to build a home or taking that course to jumpstart your career – Fido makes it happen. 

There is much more to come, stay tuned.