Jul 16, 2023

3 reasons why your credit applications are rejected

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We know how painful rejection can be, especially when applying for a Fido Credit.

Our team has received several rejection messages and feedback from you and would like to share some reasons why your personal credits might be constantly rejected.

  1. Your credit may have been rejected because you didn't repay your previous credit on time.
    Yup, do you remember that due date you skipped and paid later? This may be one of the reasons why your next credit application was rejected. Often when you default on your payment, our system keeps track of that and this makes it very hard for you to secure your next credit.The good news is, our new app comes with a feature that helps you countdown till your repayment due date which makes it easier to track, therefore, get into the habit of repaying your credit on time.
  1. Ensure the name on your Ghana Card differs from what is on your Ghana Card. You should check that the name you used to register matches the one on your Ghana card. For instance, if your Ghana card ID has the name Akua B. Boateng, ensure you register with the same name Akua B. Boateng not Akua Boateng.
  1. Even if you repay your credit before the due date, you may want to wait until after your due date to submit an application for another credit. Repaying your credit on time is great, but applying for another credit right afterward may result in your credit being denied. It is recommended that you wait until after your due date to apply for your next credit.
  1. Not having much information about yourself: Your credit application may be rejected if there are not enough details about you, making it difficult to assess your level of risk.

With the introduction of our newly launched feature, Fido Score, you will be able to take simple actions to build your digital identity with Fido.
Higher score will help you secure credit and get better terms.